dreamers and doers

throughout my life, I’ve gravitated toward fashion in some capacity but never to the extent I wanted to. I wanted to go to school for merchandising or textiles or even fashion journalism…but I went for psychology and marketing. I wanted to be a successful (or at least active) blogger, but thought that my Instagram would suffice. I would just tell myself that I’ll find my way into the fashion industry somehow, but never had a plan; so far in life, not having a plan has blessed me tenfold (as in, I moved to Tampa in under 2 weeks after applying for grad school on the last possible day and receiving my acceptance call while in Vegas drinking at 8am with my mom….graduating with a masters at 23 while living alone in a city I fell in love with……then getting a job at a top boutique agency….then landing a management position with arguably the best professional sports team in the state…just one example). I was a dreamer. I was a do-er in many things – education, networking, professional development, volunteering, connecting, shopping obviously – but was satisfied with hearing “you would be a great stylist or designer” and “please dress me, you’re good at that” because if I couldn’t work in fashion, at least y’all knew I had some dress game. Good enough, until I realized it’s not.

I am not letting myself be a dreamer anymore without being a do-er. I am a stylist, a blogger, an entrepreneur, an undercover writer and so much more than just someone who “likes fashion.”

xo, cailey