TLDR; blurb about adhd & too many options. skip to list of Netflix, Hulu, Discovery+ shows at bottom

What do you get when you mix Netflix, Hulu, discovery+, cable, and a few shared passwords with an ADHD diagnosis? Long lists like this: Shows You Tried To Watch, Comfort Shows, Unwatched New Seasons of Previously Finished Series, 

Shows, movies, documentaries, whatever – there are a ton of options, recommendations, categories, formats, and implications (like ads, says the media buyer) when it comes to picking a show. If ADHD paralysis kicks in as a result, I’m usually going for Schitt’s Creek, the Food Network, or Investigation Discovery channel. Or one of my other fixation projects. Maybe TikTok… sometimes Target. 

Sometimes, shows are like relationships; I don’t always commit but when I do, it’s for good reason (in theory). Sometimes, I’m in it for a good time – not a long time. See below for what I’ve been watching recently  – in full or partially, of course. 

Please clap, I finished (and liked): 

  • Stay Close (Netflix) 
  • The Innocent (Netflix) 
  • Dark Desires (Netflix) 
  • Lies and deceit (Netflix) 
  • Hold Tight (Netflix) 
  • Anatomy of A Scandal (Netflix) 
  • Poms (Netflix) 
  • The Woman in The Window (Netflix) 
  • Pieces of Her (Netflix) 
  • Mythomaniac (Netflix) 
  • Selling Tampa 
  • The Rental (Netflix) 
  • The Lost Daughter (Netflix) 
  • Candy (Hulu) 
  • Unexpected (TLC/discovery+) – I stay up to date. Kylen & Jason are not good. 
  • Welcome to Plathville (TLC/discovery+) 

Things I tried to watch: 

Think I should finish it? Make your case. 

  • The Girl from Plainville (Hulu) *I made myself try to finish watching this* 
  • Welcome to Eden (Netflix) (I almost finished this one) 
  • Bad Vegan (Netflix) 
  • Hard Cell (Netflix) 
  • Under The Banner of Heave (Hulu) 
  • Pam & Tommy (Hulu) 
  • Two Shallow Gravies (ID, discovery+) 

Casual Views: 

  • Married at First Sight (Lifetime, Netflix, discovery+) 
  • Chopped (Food Network, discovery+)
  • Cooked with Cannabis (Netflix)
  • Interior Design Masters (Netflix) 
  • House Hunters (discovery+)

I’ll update the lists with any forgotten views but I’m taking recommendations for a summer watch-list! Yes I know about Stranger Things and Ozark…. 😊  

Have you tried the “Surprise me” feature on Netflix to combat decision paralysis? Let me know.. 

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Tampa based cat mom that gets excited about breakfast, gift cards and new shoes. A firm believer that budget doesn't limit your closet, only your wallet. The type of girl to wear all black but take notes in pink ink. On the pursuit of a life that I can look back on with a smile (& style).

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