The Academy presents the awards, but I (and many others) present opinions. This is my contribution to the various lists of best dressed celebs from the 95th Oscars and this evenings newly champagne carpet.
Noted Trends: Sparkles, fitted bodice (voluminous dress), corset/lingerie vibes.
Other thoughts: Are we sure Elizabeth Olsen isn’t the third twin??
Overall, glamourous / loving the white looks, quickly bored of the sparkles

Simply the best (dressed)

Angela Bassett in Moschino
The fit of this dress. The royal purple. The tone was set.
She did that.

Halle Bailey in Dolce and Gabbana
This look is stunning. And as an ode to her role this is stunningly spot-on, just the right amount of sheer paired with the corset trend to modernize the look.

Michelle Yeoh in Dior
She just looks ethereal, no?

Mindy Kaling in custom Vera Wang
Love this on Mindy. Classically Vera in style but very much made for her.

Sandra Oh in Giambattista Valli
This is fun. I love a good front AND back V. Love this for her.

Deepika Padukone in Louis Vuitton
Giving gloves a big moment here. Not a new look, but a good one.

Fan Bingbing in Tony Ward Couture
I was hesitant to put one of the sparkle looks on here, but the green fabric layer takes it up a notch.

Cara Delevingne in Elie Saab
A little slit never hurt no one, neither did a big one. Fashion favors the bold.

Let’s take a moment for…
A few other honorable mentions.

The golden tiger on NTR Jr’s bandhgala. Symbolic and beautiful. Designed by Gauvrav Gupta.

Michelle Williams’ cape (Chanel Couture).

I want to love Zoe Saldana’s dress more than I do but maybe I’ll edit this post..

All photos by Getty Images. I’m lazy, so you can check out all looks at eonline.

Happy Awards Season!

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